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We’ve built a team obsessed with your results.

Lisa Guidry, CEO


We deploy a proven, bespoke process for each engagement that is centered around finding ideal candidates and getting to know them from the inside out. Beyond their resume, we get to know who they are, what matters to them —and how they’re uniquely able to contribute to your organization's needs, goals, and vision.

Hi, I’m Lisa and I started ETI Professional Search to reimagine how businesses can attract talent.

During the last 24 years, I’ve seen trends in talent acquisition come and go, rapid innovation in high-growth businesses and a radical shift in what candidates look for when joining an organization. While the world of business has never moved faster, one thing has remained the same:

Identifying, attracting and retaining top-tier talent is a competitive advantage.

However, there’s a serious problem. These days, the competition is fierce, tenures are at all-time lows and candidates now have more options than ever and are looking for more out of their careers. In other words: the status quo no longer works.

Which is where ETI Professional Search comes in:

We deploy a bespoke process that not only takes into account the skills, expertise and track record of every candidate. Instead, we get to know them as a whole person. And since we do the same for the clients we work with, we don’t simply help you land rockstar talent:

We find you people that help you build high-performing, collaborative cultures.

Best of all: our clients often have the delightful problem of picking amongst ideal candidates they can’t wait to work with. Because we believe when you’re doing great work with clients you love working with, business should be positive, fun and exciting. It’s why we’re in the people business.

Let’s chat.

Lisa Guidry

CEO, ETI Professional Search

Founder, Extreme Technologies

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Emily Jones


Gi Pruden

Gavin Blanchard

Jonah Guidry

World-Class Research


Ethical Hackers and Technology Ninjas

Talent pipeline builders

Our sourcing team has mastered the art and science that comes with finding the best people in the world using innovative platforms, bleeding-edge technology and a relentless approach to find even the most obscure of candidates.

Advanced Recruiting

Advanced skillset in structured, behavioral, technical interviews

Our recruiters have a deep understanding of human behavior plus an advanced skillset in structured, behavioral and technical interviews –while understanding the culture of a company, manager, team(s) and matching them with candidates.


Strategic Partner to the client


Our principles act as strategic partners for our clients, helping transform their challenges into unique opportunities that leverage our nearly three decades of expertise.

Administrative Personnel

Concierge type administrative support for clients and candidates

Our administrative personnel are efficient, detail-oriented and have a knack for systems, operations and processes to provide a seamless experience.

Exploratory Research, Correlation  Research, Thematic Analysis

Our research team guides you through ever-changing trends, and market intelligence that shape best-in-class search.

Industry Trends for Talent

Titling Trends

Job Description Review & Recommendations

Competitive Analysis

Real-Time Compensation Data

Helping Businesses Build Wining Cultures

Success Rate 

Search Engagement

Years Of Experience 

Average Candidate Tenure

Helping Businesses Build Winning Cultures

Search Engagements

Years Of Experience 

Average Candidate Tenure

Success Rate 

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